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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Sonoita, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Susan (Pinky)
Children or Grandchildren: Valerie, born Feb. 1983, married and a Dental Professor at UNLV; and Amy born March 1988, married and More…a high school English teacher in Charleston, SC. There are 2 grandkids by each daughter.
Occupation and what did you want to do when you graduated vs. what you did?:

Retired Federal worker. I pretty much did what I planned and went to school for -- to work for Public Land management agencies. I became a lumberjack firefighter with the Forest Service for 7 years on the "mighty" Coconino N.P. in Flagstaff and a cowboy range conservationist/Natural Resource Specialist with US - Bureau of Land Management for the next 26 years at various locations in the west.


I worked for the US Forest Service as a lumberjack fire fighter in Flagstaff upon graduating NAU in 1973 for 7 years, and then on to the Bureau of Land Management as a Range Conservationist and Natural Resource Specialist in St. George, UT, Boise, Idaho, and finally in Twin Falls, ID for the next 26 years. I retired in 2008 to a life of leisure and lots of traveling. And have to go to Sturgis at least every other year on my Soft Tail Harley. Let's ride!!

I got married in 1976 to a pretty little red headed Rincon Ranger who I met at NAU during my ten years in Flagstaff (and we're still together). I also did some graduate work in the field of Natural Resources at the UofA in 1977-78. Go Wildcats!

A bucket list item includes visiting all the National Parks in the U.S. and we are almost there. Only about 7-8 more to go. Hope I live that long. Summer of 2018 trip to Alaska about did me in tho.

School Story:

I can vividly remember the time Jack Wissen stuck his golf bag on top of a Saugaro cactus (about 20-25 feet tall) after throwing all his clubs down the fairway at Skyline Country Club during a practice round of golf. Randy Udall and I really got a good laugh out of that, but getting his bag down sure wasn't fun. I really didn't think his shot was all that bad!

Where have you lived/traveled?

Have live in Flagstaff from 1970-1980, St. George Utah from 1980-1988, Boise, Idaho 1988-91, and Twin Falls from 1992 to 2006, Jerome, ID from 2006 to 2020 and now just recently moved back to Arizona and found a nice secluded home in Sonoita. Since retirement in 2008, my wife and I have been doing lots of travelling to ALL the National Parks, including Alaska in 2018.

How many times have you been married?

One and still am.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your life since graduation?

My kids of course, they have made me very proud as well as my wife who was the Director of the Twin Falls Public Library and is now retired too. I also have had a passion for properly managing public lands while working for the Forst Service and BLM for 33 years. It surely was a great outdoors job.

During your high school years, what was your favorite song, musical group, movie, fad, teacher, memory of Tucson, hangout/place to eat?

Song: Satisfaction and Light My Fire
Musical Group: Rolling Stones and Doors
Movie: The Graduate and Midnight Cowboy
Fad: White bell bottom jeans
Teacher: Mr. Metz
Memory of Tucson: Cruising Speedway Blvd @ 11 o'clock at nite with the topdown in Lance Brendel's MG and looking for a drag race.
Hangout/place to eat: McDonald's on Speedway Blvd, Coat of Arms @ Casas Adobes

What was your most embarrasing moment of high school?

Having to stand up in class and read Spanish out loud in Spanish class -- no bueno!!! I could not read out loud to myself in English much less in Spanish.

What did you like or dislike the most about CDO?

Outside hallways and being up in the foothills. I also liked CDO because it was a "NEW" high school. My three other brothers went to Amphi.

If you could change anything about your high school experience, what would you change?

Play more sports and have more fun with friends. I worked too much at a local restaurant. Better grades would have been nice too.

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Here's Johnny!!! I'm back in Arizona after 40 years on the run and glad to be back, though it is mighty hot here in Sonoita and southern AZ, but I'll get use to it again someday. Hope we can all get through this pandemic thing and get on with "normal" life again. Hope you all the best "Class of 69".

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Hey Capp Man, you say you are now living in the mountains of North Carolina. Where? I'm going to be in South Carolina for the next month or so in Charleston. Think you could come down out of the hills to the coast for a day or so and visit an old friend? Or maybe we could meet half way from your place for lunch. Like to here your life story in person.

Give me a gringle and let me know what's up. You can reach me at 208-404-9166 or texted. Meanwhile be cool.

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