Dorothy Buckelew

Profile Updated: October 13, 2009
Dorothy Buckelew
Residing In: Golden Valley, AZ USA
Children or Grandchildren: 4 children (2 step children from my late husband)6 grandchildren
Yes! Attending Reunion
Occupation and what did you want to do when you graduated vs. what you did?:

High school math teacher


I have had a lot of tragedy, but also a lot of adventure. My blessings are numerous, and I tend to celebrate every day. During the last 40 years, I have been a teacher, principal, and charter school founder. My husband died of cancer, so I have had to be mom & dad. I love to ride my Harley and go scuba diving.

School Story:

I was very shy and insecure in 8-11th grades. When I made the pom squad, it gave me more confidence. Had a wonderful math teacher named Dorothy McCutcheon, who inspired me to become a teacher.

Where have you lived/traveled?

After college I lived in Flagstaff, then moved to teach in Casper, Wyo. It was very cold in Wyo, so I moved to Kingman, AZ to teach at the high school.
I have traveled to Australia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and England.

How many times have you been married?

I was married twice. First one divorced. Second one widowed.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your life since graduation?

The most rewarding thing in my life was having and raising my babies. My teaching career has also put a spring in my step.

During your high school years, what was your favorite song, musical group, movie, fad, teacher, memory of Tucson, hangout/place to eat?

I loved the Beatles and all their music. Cruising broadway was a whole lot of fun.

What was your most embarrasing moment of high school?

I had a ton of them!

What did you like or dislike the most about CDO?

The social cliques. Of course, we were all kids.

If you could change anything about your high school experience, what would you change?

I would probably want more teachers to reach out and connect more with their students.

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