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11/27/18 01:00 PM #1    


Rosemarie Tieva (Prater)

CDO's homecoming is usually the last Friday in September or the first Friday in October.  The athletic director usually finds out in the spring from the State the football schedule.  As soon as I know, I plan on reserving a Ramada at James DeKriegh Park on Calle Concordia so we can meet before the Homecoming Football game 2019. . Saturday night, we can do something informal at El Conquistador. A friend of my sister, Ellen Fairfield said she called El Conquistador reserved a dining area and they let them paid for their own meal and drinks.  Canada del Oro River Park on Lambert Lane has a bigger Ramada area(more tables) for a Sunday afternoon.  So the dates for the 5oth reunion most likely are either September 27, 28, and 29, 2019 or October 4, 5, and 6, 2019. Let me know if this is acceptable to everyone.  I did not want to get into putting a deposit down or collecting money.  That's too complicated for this retiree.

11/27/18 06:49 PM #2    

Albert Duff



First thank You for doing this. Either date is fine with Me. Please let Me know if I can help.



11/28/18 11:18 AM #3    

Susie McWilliams

Hi, Rose. The timing is perfect for me. I’m blocking both dates on my calendar and will be there. I particularly like your ideas that will keep the event casual. Sorry that distance makes it hard for me to help very much. Thanks so much for stepping up and taking the lead. Susan McWilliams 

11/28/18 12:08 PM #4    

Jane Russo

Thanks, Rosemarie!Those dates and the venues sound perfect!


11/28/18 08:49 PM #5    

Donna Osterbaan

Those dates are good for me as far as I know now!

11/29/18 08:09 AM #6    

Colleen Carroll (Fernandes)

Those dates work for me at this point. Please let me know if I can help.

12/02/18 10:50 PM #7    

John Ash

Thanks Rose for doing this. Either dates are fine with me. I alway try to make it to Tucson at least twice a year so next year those dates will be one of the times. Hope to see everyone then. Did you ever try to get in touch with Mark Udall?  Just curious. Sorry I can’t help with any of the arrangements. Great job!!

12/14/18 01:18 PM #8    


Rosemarie Tieva (Prater)

John, I haven't made contact with Mark Udall.  Do you have contact with him?  I did check into Morris K . Udall Park at 7200 E. Tanque Verde.  You can reserve a Ramada for $15, if you are a city resident/$20 regular.  A beer permit is $25 for a city resident/$30 regular.  I am not a city resident. It would be fun for Sunday.  You can reserve it for 8 am-1:00pm or 2pm-7pm.  I prefer the afternoon.

12/17/18 08:39 PM #9    

Mary Goff (Huff)


I am happy that you are getting the reunion underway.  Everything sounds great.   Thank you so much.  I will look forward to seeing everyone.  


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